The Mission of The Fragile Years

Amy O'Rourke

There is considerable information out there as to how to avoid a crisis, but what do you do when you are in the beginning or middle of the crisis?? How do you stay ahead of the issues or even leverage the emergency to help your parent get to a better level of care? My very educated clients, who have professional careers such as Physicians, CEO’s, Economic Professors, and Lawyers will ask, “How are you supposed to figure this out?”

I remember when I was in graduate school 30 years ago, sitting in a lecture about the long term care systems. The lecture focused on how fragmented long term care was. It has gotten worse over the years.

Every health care entity is its own silo– looking out for its own interests–and they don’t communicate very well. Many transitions are poorly handled because the communication between the silos is minimal or nonexistent.

So why buy the book: If you want to care for your parents and enjoy the time you spend with them, if you want to change your own attitude about growing older and see this time as unending opportunities for increased wisdom, discernment and an abiding love, or if you want to get home from visiting your parents with a feeling of love and not total exhaustion.

This book will teach adult children what they need to do when their parent is in the hospital, nursing home, assisted living, receiving home care, or is getting rehab. This book will build the roadmap for the adult child as they head into uncharted territory with their parents.

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